Nordstrom Warehouse Sale

Fashionistas rejoice!! Nordstrom and StyleDemocracy are hosting Nordstrom's very first warehouse sale in the Vancouver area, starting tomorrow, March 21st through to March 26th, at the Queensborough Landing Shopping Centre in New Westminster! Find your spring wardrobe for up to...

Nordstrom Warehouse Sale

Wardrobe Recycling

As a fashion and style blogger, you're often feeling the pressure to keep your wardrobe current. That often means constantly acquiring new stuff in your closet, whether by your own means or sponsored through a label or retailer. However it ends up on the hanger though, it's still just more stuff. These last few months as I've been thinking more about the concept of simplification, I feel the need to extend this to my wardrobe...

Just Peachy

While some of you may describe my style as eclectic, I'm actually a minimalist at heart. Jil Sander, Helmut Lang, Celine, APC, Cos, Uniqlo, the list goes on. At the same time, I'm a bit of a watch whore - and the marriage of minimalism and watches came together with the discovery of...

A Blue Christmas

Not to worry - I’m not feeling blue, loves. I’m just inspired by the beautiful sapphire jewel tones on this bomber jacket paired with a microsuede sleeveless dress - part of Floriane Fosso’s holiday collection.