While I've had my share of coffee breaks at home - and cafe au lait breaks here in Paris (avec un croissant beurre, bien sur) - there's nothing like a champagne break in between all the hopping around from show to show at Fashion Week; not to mention letting your arms and feet (and wallet) rest from all your shopping!

One place I like to go - and it just so happens to be right around the corner from my apartment is the Laduree bar. No, not specifically for the macarons - although of course I'll take a couple once I'm there - but for the gorgeous, ethereal bar in the back of the retail shop (opposite side of the tea room). This place has its own separate entrance as well that's off the Champs if you want to get away from the touristy crowd. Most tourists will head to the tea room (which is fine by me) - but I prefer to savor my sweets avec une coupe de champagne, in this case a glass of Veuve.

Inside, you feel transported to a fairytale wonderland of fairies and gnomes, butterflies and cocoons - amid stained glass windows that completely shield you from the commercial craziness outside. It's an unexpected alter ego of the Laduree brand - a look and feel that's more magical than elegant and refined. If it's the latter that you prefer, then head to the tea room. Et moi? You'll find me by the bar. Sitting solo and in bliss.

Laduree Le Bar

13 rue Lincoln
75008, Paris