One of my favourite things to do is shop for home accessories. I also love to be inspired by every day things - especially things that have a story. If you can get one shop that can help you do both - shop and be inspired - then you’ve hit the jackpot. That jackpot is The Natural Eclectic - a boutique gallery on the edge of Vancouver’s South Granville district - that tickles the senses; encouraging one to explore, touch, smell and feel. It’s immensely satisfying each time I visit. The fact that it’s also run by one of my best friends, Heather Ross, is only a bonus. I get to listen to her stories of each vintage piece of decor that she’s curated and placed into gorgeous vignettes through her shop. And if you want to know more about her design principles, check out her gorgeous book, The Natural Eclectic - available through Amazon here. Martha Stewart Living is a big fan and featured her book in a recent issue!

I kid you not - this place is an instagrammer’s dream. With floor to ceiling windows, poured concrete floors and simple walls, it’s the perfect canvas to showcase her delicate and sometimes whimsical finds. Natural light floods the space and gives it a calmness that I often yearn for. It’s really such a beautiful shop, where every corner you turn, you can encounter something snapable. 

When you visit, bring a proper camera. Or at a minimum, just keep your iPhone out; it will save you from constantly grabbing it from your purse or pocket. Because honestly, I’ve never been in a store where I’ve wanted to photograph EVERYTHING. From antique birdcages to French hand creams to smooth stones that run across the entire spectrum of grey. And of course, there are her paintings - again, so beautiful and serene - you’ll want one for your own space. You’ll have to check it out. Trust me.

Heather Ross - The Natural Eclectic
2170 Fir Street, Vancouver