As a fashion and style blogger, you're often feeling the pressure to keep your wardrobe current. That often means constantly acquiring new stuff in your closet, whether by your own means or sponsored through a label or retailer. However it ends up on the hanger though, it's still just more stuff. 

These last few months as I've been thinking more about the concept of simplification, I feel the need to extend this to my wardrobe. Let's face it, we all can live much more minimally. I know I can. I have so much stuff in my closet that I need to purge on a quarterly basis. And yet that's still not enough.

As much as I love acquiring a new top or coat or piece of jewelry, I have SO much already in my possession. That's the stuff worth documenting: taking what you currently have and breathing new life into it. Others also call it "Shopping in my own closet". How often do you buy something, put it away, only to rediscover it a year later? Sometimes the result can be that you fall out of love with it ("What was I thinking??") or you can reimagine wearing it now ("I totally forgot about this!"). 

Not only is recycling your wardrobe healthy for your wallet but it's also great for the environment - one less article of clothing in the landfill. As I've mentioned before, the fashion industry is the most damaging to the environment.

Seeing as it's still January, I'm making a new resolution for 2017: I will be posting more editorial featuring what's already in my closet, rather than new stuff. Like this Rachel Zoe military wool coat (shown above) that I bought several years ago. It's such a gorgeous coat that I often forget to wear it.  And while realistically I can't promise that I won't buy anything new for my wardrobe this year (who can actually do that?!?) I will be significantly reducing my spend on "stuff" and instead put it towards experiences, 'cuz that's the good stuff that lasts.

What do you think of this idea?