Last week, I’ve been giving you my top picks for your favourite gals in your life. This week, it’s the guys’ turn: your Dad, bro, son, boyfriend, hubby, bestie, instructor, whoever he is - he deserves something sweet! And you’ve got a little over a month to nab him something - perhaps from this list!

1. Herschel - Reflective Headwear $34,99; 2. Roots - Men's Cabin Glove $48; 3. Zara Men - Minimal Black Clutch $45.90; 4. Aveda (avail at Aveda salons) - A Gift of Refresh - Mint for Your Journey $29; 5. Litchfield - New York Cereal Guide $24.95; 6. Drake General Store - Cactus Neon Light $36