Gratitude Journal - Week 6 - September 23, 2019
Photo: Cindy Yu

Photo: Cindy Yu

This week, I’m showing gratitude to the city I live in, Vancouver. 

Where do I begin? Anyone who knows me, knows I’m passionately in love with my city. Vancouver is breathtakingly beautiful no matter where you look. Here are some examples:

  • Since I travel a lot, I get to see many cities of the world. But there is nothing like coming home; flying over Vancouver on a sunny day and witnessing the sparkling emerald water of Burrard Inlet and Georgia Strait, anchored by the majestic north shore mountains.

  • Seriously though - when it’s sunny in Vancouver, no other city on the planet beats it. You never want to leave.

  • The view of English Bay, looking west off the Burrard Street Bridge at sunset. With the north shore mountains forming a watercolour backdrop, it’s breathtaking.

  • The view of the Burrard Street Bridge off of Granville Bridge, is like taking a further step back from that English Bay view - and getting a bit of Granville Island in the foreground. I’m telling you, it is just incredible. If you’d never walked Granville Bridge during sunset, do it. Or at a minimum, drive it.

  • The view of Vancouver when you’re skiing down Grouse Mountain. It’s surreal. I’ve skied many mountains in my lifetime and I’ve never encountered one outside of Vancouver where it looks like you’re skiing toward a city. It’s just a stunning perspective.

  • The views on either side when you’re driving across the Lions Gate Bridge as you’re heading back into downtown. On the left you get the downtown skyline with the iconic five sails of the Convention Centre, while on the right you get Stanley Park and the seawall.

  • The view driving northbound on Cambie just past City Hall, when the downtown skyline emerges and BC Place looks like a crown set amongst a jewelled forest of emerald glass buildings and framed by the north shore mountains. One of my favourites views of the city.

  • The number of sushi restaurants in this city number in the hundreds. They exist in every neighbourhood in Vancouver, which has made it part of the cuisine fabric of the city. That, plus it’s incredibly cheap - and good - compared to any other major city I’ve been to. Yes, I’m looking at you, New York, Paris and London.

  • Speaking of Asian cuisine, you can literally fine every type in the city - from Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese, to Singaporean, Malaysian, Korean, Indian and even Indonesian.

  • The fact that there are three ski mountains surrounding downtown Vancouver, plus Whistler which is only 1.5 hours by car, north of the city. Whistler, by the way, has the largest skiable terrain in all of North America.

  • And true story, I have skied in the morning and gone sailing in the afternoon. There are so many beaches and marinas where you can rent a boat after a great morning on the slopes. Or better yet, make friends with those who have a boat.

For my fellow Vancouverites, and those who are familiar with the city, what are your favourite things about Vancouver?