Gratitude Journal - Week 7 - October 3, 2019

Today I’m feeling grateful for my friend Lyndi Barrett.

You may know her by her Instagram handle, StyleCalling. Lyndi and I met over two years ago at a media event and have been close friends ever since. 

The business of blogging and content creation can be tricky to navigate, especially when it comes to relationships with fellow bloggers. That said, in my five years in this business, I’ve been lucky enough to find my tribe. Lyndi, is of course, an important member of this tribe and has been someone I can rely on when sharing trials and tribulations that naturally come with the business. 

Although grounded and pragmatic, Lyndi always maintains a positive approach to life. This attitude is infectious and really helps when you’ve had a rough day. 

Our conversations touch all subjects; far beyond the world of fashion and blogging. The fact that she’s also a PR expert means that she brings a level-headed, business perspective into all our discussions. I don’t take this for granted. While I have a creative side to me, I am also fairly disciplined coming from a corporate background. When we put our heads together for creative content ideas, the spark it creates is exciting. 

Although I’m older, Lyndi tends to be the ‘mom’ in our relationship - especially when we’re travelling. Every morning during a trip to BC wine country in Oliver and Osoyoos, she’d wake up very early and make coffee. I’d be on my laptop working (as usual) but would hear her puttering around, humming to herself. About 15 minutes later, she’d knock on my door and offer a fresh cup of coffee. In many ways she does remind me of my own mom; she’s got this doting quality to her that I love.   

Of course, there wouldn’t be a friendship without fun. And as a bonus, we also discovered that we are great travel companions. Earlier this year, we headed to Paris Fashion Week together and sat in 46 shows - many of them in the front row! That didn’t just happen by accident. With our strong PR backgrounds and understanding of the industry itself, this helped to secure our access to shows and meetings with many significant French brands. 

Having an insane schedule like that - which we created together - and staying in the same apartment, would require incredibly compatible individuals. Not to mention, we spent the weekend in London before we headed to Paris! Not only did we travel well together, we’re already planning more trips in the next year!

I am truly grateful for our friendship. Despite our short time together, I feel like Lyndi is an old soul and when we’re together it’s as if we’ve been together for years. I can’t wait to see what life brings us next.