Gratitude Journal - Week 5 - Sept 15, 2019

This week, I am showing gratitude for something that someone gave me. To be honest, this is a weird one because it’s strange to feel grateful for a material item. That said, I received a necklace from Keith’s mom last year and I’ve been wearing it nearly every day. For me, material things are only more special if they are sentimental or come with a story - and this necklace was a gift from Keith’s Dad following a trip to Southeast Asia. 

It’s one of her favourite necklaces and she gave it to me thinking that I might like it. Well she definitely hit a home run - I love it! It can be worn casual or dressy. 

The necklace features a large emerald cut, smoky quartz pendant on a thick, gold Singapore chain. I layer it with my other gold necklaces and due to the pendant’s sheer size, it visually anchors the whole neckline.

These days, we don’t often get to see Keith’s mom as she lives on a more remote part of the Northern California coastline. But this beautiful necklace is a constant reminder of her affection for us and that she’s always in our hearts. 

Do you have something that was given to you that you are grateful for?