Gratitude Journal - Week 8 - October 9, 2019
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This week I’m supposed to list 5 things I like about me. This seems really weird as I run the risk of sounding like a narcissist and braggart. That said, I understand the point of this exercise is to not only show gratitude about other people and the environment around me, but to also be grateful for own my personal qualities as well. 

So after a bit of reflection, I’ve landed on the following five things about myself that I am grateful for:

My authenticity.

I know this sounds so weird, because often we (or maybe it’s just me) assume that people should be themselves in all situations. But I’ve learned that this is not often the case. People put on airs depending on the company they’re with - it could be their boss, a client, or a family member - and act completely differently between each one. Anyone who’s met me realizes that there’s only one version of Cindy - on and off the page. And perhaps given my age, I don’t get fixated on how others view me. I am who I am and if they don’t accept it, no biggie. You can’t please everyone. Also, I’ve had many mention to me that I write like a speak - it’s very conversational and very authentic. I can’t imagine myself being anything else but that.

I’m passionate and emo.

This one I’m sure would make Keith laugh. I absolutely wear my heart on my sleeve and that means not only crying during sappy commercials but also getting passionate during an argument. ‘Passionate’ is actually one word that almost everyone who has met me would use to describe me. If I like something, I’m 150% in. Like seriously all in. And you’ll know about it. It also goes the other way if I dislike something. 

I’m business focused.

This affects everything I do. I come from a corporate background and that means being able to put structure around everything in my world. It means I choose not to boil the ocean and try and do everything at once. I’m very methodical and would rather do one thing really well before attempting to try other things. It may mean that I don’t get to juggle a million different careers, but I wouldn’t want to do that anyway. I’m a person who would much rather stay focused - especially when it comes to the bottom line. After all, we need to make money to live - especially in a city like Vancouver.

I can drive a stick.

Yes, that means I can drive a car with manual transmission. All but one of my cars in the past 20 years have been manual. These days, I’m finding that the number of people I encounter who have that skill is dwindling and it’s such a pity. Especially if you travel to many other parts of the world - like Europe and Asia - where you may want to rent a car, and cars there are mostly manual. 

I can play the piano.

Well, technically, I taught piano for 10 years starting at the age of 15 - to save money for university. That’s right - I finished piano by the time I was 15 and couldn’t believe how lucrative it was to teach! That said, my life has evolved so much and I now only play for myself.

So there you go. What are five things about yourself that you are grateful for?