Pascal Millet FW17 at Paris Fashion Week

Pascal Millet is one of those designers whose collection you fantasize over - every season he just knocks it out of the park. His FW17 is no different - his signature look for the modern woman: comfortable and stylish but always feminine. Inspired by French artist Jacques Villeglé, the collection has a cool, "intellectual chic" vibe, circa late 1950s in Saint Germain. What I love and appreciate about Pascal Millet is his pragmatism when it comes to fashion - it must be wearable, first and foremost. The overall approach to the cut, the volume, the detailing and stitching is secondary if all the outfit becomes is a "show costume". This charming man, who I originally interviewed in Vancouver during a show there, knows us women all too well. If you're spending this kind of money, even on ready-to-wear, it must indeed be - ready to wear.