Marimekko AW17 at Paris Fashion Week

The Marimekko show was probably one of the most civilized shows I've ever been to at Paris Fashion Week. Taking place at the Finnish Embassy, there was no chaos before the show, everyone was waiting patiently to be let upstairs as the production teams were still setting up. Once upstairs, the PR teams all had big smiles and we were greeted immediately with sparkling water with mint leaves to rehydrate for the day,. As we found our seats, which were cushioned benches strewn with Marimekko pillows, we were approached by lovely Finnish men with trays of champagne in these gorgeous coloured glass flutes in the shape of bamboo. What a way to ensuring that all the guests were relaxed! And when the show was done, the men came by to pick up the glasses and there was still more champagne offered following the event. There was no mass exodus like at other shows. People actually wanted to hang around and mingle! And of course, that's exactly what I did!