Minimal Effort, Maximum Comfort



When I started my blog back in November 2014, it was for the purposes of reporting on my annual visits to Paris Fashion Week and getting inspired by all the gorgeous, beautiful pieces on the runway. Even today, my blog remains a place for eclectic expression in the form of fashion and style, whether they be in the form of clothes or even how I decorate my house. I love having a platform to express how I feel in the moment - whether it’s a crazy, colorful faux fur coat or a gold sequin dress. My actual off-camera reality, however, couldn’t be further from what you often see on my Instagram feed. I’m a creature of habit, and that usually means sticking to simple, minimalist styles in a “wide” range of colors, like grey, blue, black, white and more grey. I might throw in a camel coat (gasp!) here and there, but such is my daily uniform. I’ll put in much more of an effort when I’m headed to an event or an important meeting. Otherwise, you’ll likely see me in that monochromatic palette. 

With this particular dark navy look, I’ve stuck with what I’d typically wear on a daily basis. This is truly my idea of effortless style - because it took zero effort on my part! Haha! I slapped on a scoop neck sweater in a dark sapphire on top and a pair of straight cropped trousers also in dark sapphire, both by Frank + Oak's new Permanent Collection. Check out their entire new collection here. The sweater is super comfortable and stretchy - something I could wear all day long. Paired with the trousers, I can easily take this look from daytime in the office into post-work drinks and dinner. And last but not least, as if I couldn’t be any lazier, I finish it with a pair of white leather mules by Faith, with horse bit detailing. Oh, and how can you not top it off with a hat? This wool one by Rag & Bone is my ‘old reliable’ and one I’ve worn for years. 

So there you have it, my daily uniform. What do you think? Is it too boring? Should I mix things up and include some more of this on my feed? Honestly, I’m so lazy that if you said yes, this will be all you see!

Check out the brand new Permanent Collection from Frank + Oak.