Five Creative Ways to Say "I Love You"

February 14th. 

It’s a day that illicits so many different reactions: from newly minted lovebirds excited to shower each other with their newfound affection to those who have (albeit temporarily) given up on love and avoid that day altogether - all this and every other colour in between. For me, I struggle with focusing on one day to appreciate those you love versus the other 364 days in the year. Why single out a day to do something special? I suppose you can argue that it’s important enough to dedicate a day to remind yourself to not take the one you love for granted. To stop what you’re doing and make an effort to show how much you care. Because you often DO forget, not by design but simply because there are too many things that need our attention.

I’m as guilty as the next person in taking my other half for granted. In fact, I truly believe he’s the most patient man on the planet. Heck, I wouldn’t even date me. 

So while I have mixed feelings about February 14th, it does serve as a reminder to do something nice for your guy. You could take him out for a lovely dinner, get him a nice tie, or even take him out to see a game. There are, however, small things you can do on a daily basis - after the whole Valentine’s brouhaha - that can strengthen a relationship. Here are five ideas to consider:

1. Look Into His Eyes for 10 Seconds and Smile

It’s actually surprising how willing he’ll be to lock eyes with you. There’s this strange, magical chemistry that occurs - it’s incredibly sensual and intense - and if you smile, it also means you’re open and willing to engage. You've seen it in the movies. The two characters scan across the room and immediately lock eyes and - zap - you can feel it. That flip in your stomach from the symbiosis, it's palpable. 

2. Run an Errand for Him

Relationships take work. Let's face it, it's not a bed of roses every morning. Things get routine and mundane - and so you constantly have to work at it. This includes changing up the routine. Even something as simple as picking up his dry cleaning or ironing a few of his favourite shirts. It’s not hard and not a big deal for you - but they’re things that he’ll definitely notice, and love you for taking it off his plate every once in a while.

3. Clean His Car

Not all guys care about cars, but if your guy treats his car like a significant other, then perhaps shining up Big Bertha in and out would make him swoon. It also shows that you respect his obsession and that you're cool with it.

4. Put Your Arm Around Him While Driving

My guy loves it when I put my hand on the back of his hair, play with his locks and give him a bit of a scalp massage - all while he’s driving. Some guys may be squeamish so this might not be a good idea while operating a car, so play this one by ear. But for those who don’t have a problem with it, they might never want you to stop.

5. Get His Morning Coffee For Him

This is an idea I stole from my guy. Nearly every morning, he’ll ask me if I’d like a coffee and he’ll make me a latte with our Nespresso. It’s a simple gesture but so appreciated when you’re struggling to wake up on a weekday and have a million things on your To Do list already. 

What other things do you like to do for your Valentine to show how much you love them?