This month, like many other months before it, have flown by. I wrote about this in a blog post a couple weeks earlier. Now that January is nearly over, I'm looking back at the past three weeks trying to see how it has felt to be dry again - one year later. Recall that I did this last year right after the holidays. This year's experience, however, felt easier and faster. Other than the times when my boyfriend and I would go out to eat, I didn't miss alcohol at all. Rather than ordering a bottle of wine, we ordered a bottle (or two) of sparkling water. Recognizing that this is partially taste and partially habit, it's nicer - and healthier - to drink sparkling water from a wine glass. 

Now heading into the home stretch, we're going to be seriously challenged. Similar to the beginning of the month when I went on business travel, joining all my colleagues at after work and after conference parties with a glass of "cran-and-soda" ("Miss, do you mean Crown-and-soda?!") at multiple open bars, I'm once again testing my will power this coming week during industry events here at home and one of my best friend's birthday parties at a place that's best known for their drinks. 

My friends know that I can be pretty draconian when it comes to these pledges. I won't allow myself to cheat - not even once. So while I may give others a pass, I myself wouldn't (or would at least try to avoid it). I've worked so hard at avoiding the stuff for the past 3 weeks, it would feel like I've given up if I give in to even one sip. In my mind, my body is sacred and deserves at least a month of a refresh. 

Wish me luck this next week - just one more week - 7 days! After this week, I will be setting a new goal for myself. Stay tuned.