A Wino Goes Dry in January
Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Starting today, I'm going dry for a month.

I dislike New Years Resolutions. Mostly because I find them contrived and I simply don't have the discipline to maintain them. So I won't call this a 'resolution'.

Instead, I'd like to call it an experiment. It's short-lived - one month, to be precise - and to test out my willpower. The health benefits that may possibly result from this experiment are only a bonus, of course.

I'm probably one of the biggest wino among my friends. I'm the first person they go to for advice on the best wines, champagnes and other cocktails to order at restaurants, lounges or at the local liquor store. I rarely drink to excess but I do enjoy a glass or two each night.

My first thought when I first read about people doing this was, How hard could it be? It's only a month. I won't lie, I do think it will be tougher than I expect. Drinking is a social thing for me, but also habitual. There's a level of comfort in holding and caressing a wine glass in your hand - filled with nectar from the gods to calm your nerves and soothe your palette. Having a glass of wine with dinner is a normal (read: habitual) exercise every evening as wine pairing with dinner is something that's part of the overall dining experience. For someone who savors life through experiential means, this is going to be one big challenge.

Wish me luck!