Derek Lam continues our journey on today's minimalistic theme, with clean, simple lines and classic colors of camel, black and white. In fact the entire collection is predominantly those three colors. Now unlike Dior, Lam's structured, more architectural pieces are items you'd covet and want for your work closet. These include easy-to-wear pant suits - perfection for the office with an attention to small details like smooth nickel buckles on the jackets. Like Dior, Lam has applied the use of graphic applications (grids again) and his outwear sport lovely layering effects that scream luxe and not logos (thank you).

Lam does color outside the box and strikes a hit with his use of red predominantly in his outerwear. While I'd like to see a bit more use of color, I've noticed that similar to many of the other PreFall collections, winter white seems to be a common theme and likely a continuation of things to come. It's not all gloomy for Fall - instead it's much more optimistic.

One of my favorite pieces is Lam's white blouse with large eyelet detail - so sublime especially when paired with an ankle-length skirt. I could wear that to work every day. I could even attempt color blocking as Lam has incorporated that as well for PreFall, so it's not just exclusive to spring and summer. The ultimate piece in the collection for me, though, is Lam's white dress with black leather fringe detail. To. Die. For. Others, including Dior, should take notice. This is how minimalism is done right 

Sign me up, Derek Lam.