PreFall 2015: Vera Wang

Vera Wang, best known for creating gorgeous confectionary-looking dresses for brides-to-be, really knows her clientele. And I'm not talking about the brides-to-be. I'm talking about the independent, spirited career gal who knows she can call the shots in her own life and rule the roost. Rocker glam meets high-powered corporate exec. 

I'm perhaps most excited about this collection for PreFall - I'd say it's one of Vera Wang's best all-round collections I've seen to date. Wang has assembled a superb variety of goods for the Fall - primarily in black but incorporating a superb selection of tactile elements (lace, chiffon, feathers, sequins, velvet, pleats, leather and fur).

Her interpretation of the pseudo Marimekko poppy on jackets, skirts and dresses is a refreshing change to the predominantly black collection. Besides varying hemlines in her pants, skirts and outwear, Wang also plays with sequins on a fun bermuda shorts and shirt combo that had me stopped at the same application on her skinny pants. That's a must have for the holiday season next year. Or remember the 90s when folks paired plain shirts or sweaters over silk taffeta skirts? Well it's back and done so effectively. Simply sublime.

Wang's structuring and layering elements marry levels of tactile experience that honestly blows me away. This is all coming from the queen of wedding dresses.

Screw that. Vera, you can come fill my closet any time.