Continuing with fashion's PreFall 2015 review, we head over to Tokyo for Raf Simons' take on Fall as he enters his third year as Dior's creative director for the long-standing fashion house. 

Since Raf's appointment in 2012, the direction of Dior in many ways has been more minimalistic in nature and this PreFall 2015 collection is no different. From the heavy focus on the neckline governed by sequin turtlenecks underlining many of his looks to the bar coats and bar dresses with simple center zipper detailing to the waxy looking storm coats, the influence of his time at Jil Sander as creative director still shows. Aside from the rainbow of sequin colors accompanied by the odd long, luxurious fur vests, what I saw was a strong nod to mod, and youth and underground street fashion - a subculture long cultivated by the Japanese and has long been an aesthetic influence for Simons.

I can't say I'm thoroughly in love with this spacey PreFall collection because I still don't associate Dior with such minimalism. I'll still happily trot over to Jil Sander or Helmut Lang for those pieces but Dior? Let's see more luxe, more lace more fur. The streetkids love it too.