5 Tips to Practice Mindfulness at Home


Since the BC Home and Garden Show is currently taking place in Vancouver, it made me think about how to be more mindful while at home.

Some of these tips are pretty simple. Being mindful is to be aware of the world around you, accept how things are and in turn be able to see yourself more clearly while seeing others for who they really are. And while home life can often be buzzing with children running around, dirty clothes lying around, a blender or other appliance whirring in the background, it can be tough to still and calm your mind. Believe me, I get it. This is my life.

However, there are moments of stillness that you can take advantage of and follow these five simple tips:

Wake with the Light

Natural light is such a mood enhancer. I know that my body craves it. I’ve moved a number of times in my life and each time the most important criteria in a new home is an abundance of natural light. You’ll often see me sitting near the window and just staring outside quietly. When you first wake up, walk towards the largest window in your home and close your eyes, stretch, and absorb that wonderful Vitamin D. Don’t forget to smile!

Sit and Breathe

I’ve written about this numerous times but I always come back to it. Meditation is a more formal description of sitting and breathing - but it really does help to quiet your brain. There is so much noise, even when it’s dead quiet around you. In fact, I often can’t sleep at night because I have so many thoughts and ideas in my head. Sometimes I get my best ideas while trying to sleep, but other times it’s downright disruptive. To help me focus, I’ll use the Breathe app (available in the App Store) to help me structure and focus on my breathe, helping me relax. Meditation promotes good digestion, supports your immune system and just makes you feel good.

Make your Bed

There is a certain calm in keeping things in order. Have you ever been in a furniture store and seen the bedroom vignettes and the way they’ve styled their beds? Don’t they just look so inviting? I know that I’m always this close from jumping in and snuggling under the covers into a deep bliss. So keeping things tidy isn’t only for people who are Type A and neat freaks. It only takes five minutes to smooth out the sheets, refluff the duvet, and plump up the pillows. The bonus is that when you’re done, you can’t wait to slip back into bed because you’ve made it look so inviting.


Let’s face it - some days can be really long and in the process you might even miss a meal or two. Life happens - and you get exhausted and completely run down. Your body is really good at telling you it’s not happy and it needs rest. If you ignore it - which we’ve all done - it will push back on you by shutting down its immune system. So do yourself a favour and listen to your body when it’s screaming for down time. Take a quick 20 to 30 minute nap to recharge and you’re good to go again for another few hours before dinner. You’ll be able to think clearer, therefore making better judgements. Who wouldn’t want that?

Drink Tea

There’s something incredibly calming about drinking a cup of tea (decaf, preferably) - instead of coffee or water. In fact, these days I’m drinking much more tea than coffee - especially in the afternoon. It’s my way of winding down and breathing slower. I particularly like decaf green tea or chamomile tea, which naturally is decaffeinated. 

By incorporating one or two of these simple tips into your daily routine can make a big difference. Try it!

What else do you do to practice mindfulness at home?