High Tea To Go
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Spending quality time to connect with friends face to face is becoming increasingly rare. So much so that retailers are adapting to the ongoing demands from our schedules.

One such example is the concept of Afternoon Tea. A ritual that provides its patrons an ability to catch up over a steaming pot of tea while savouring finger sandwiches and tiny desserts. What has changed isn’t so much the ritual as how it is now consumed.

It used to be that Afternoon Tea took place at a hotel or small tea room somewhere in the city. You had to go there.

Now, you can have Afternoon Tea anywhere. Secret Garden Tea Company, a local institution in the sleepy, upscale neighbourhood of Kerrisdale, arguably pioneered the art of Afternoon Tea in Vancouver over the course of several decades.

So it comes as no surprised that this institution would pioneer HOW we consume Afternoon Tea - by offering it “to go.”

That means all the edibles are packaged up along with tea - all ready to be consumed - whether you’re doing it in the comfort of your own home or out at a park.

If you’re at a park, Secret Garden also offers teapot and teacup/saucer rentals because who wants to carry all that stuff in the first place?

I recently had the opportunity to host Afternoon Tea at my House with some of my closest blogger friends: Alicia Haque, Samantha Sito and Vivian Low. We sat and drank, nibbled on delicious petit fours and caught up on everyone’s lives. Over 3.5 hours later, we felt content and more connected with each other. It was so lovely and in the end, I think we realized how much we needed this.

To really connect outside of blogger events; to speak about any topic under the sun - from Vancouver’s crazy real estate prices to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence... it was an afternoon well spent.

To have people in your life who can connect with you on a deeper level - and that you can physically connect with face to face, is a rarity these days. I’m so glad that I, along with the others, were willing to carve out this time, just for us.

Thank you, Secret Garden Tea Company for making this happen and teaching us the importance of human connections.