The Other Ladurée in Vancouver (You May Not Know About)
Laduree Holt Room.JPG

I don't generally shop in malls. 

Like many busy people these days, I buy nearly everything online - even toilet paper (thank you, Amazon) - and this includes clothes. When I do browse in a shop, it's because that's the only location for a particular item and usually there's enough eye candy to keep me there for a while.

So when I do enter a mall, it's usually purpose-driven and I don't stay long.

What a pity.

I often criticize myself for not stopping to smell the roses and take time out for *me* - and to just wander. Browse. Explore. Sometimes you don't know what you'll stumble upon.

Like Vancouver's second Ladurée location. That's right - there was so much hype last year about the opening of Canada's first Ladurée boutique on Robson Street - that you often forget (or don't even know) there's a second location. And that's gold for those who want to study the beauty of their macarons, chocolates and teas without the pressure of people in line behind you.

The second location, located in Pacific Centre in Holt Renfrew next to the womens shoe hall, is a hidden gem of 800 sf of space, complete with plush seating and charming decor that is signature Ladurée. The best thing about this location is that you can beat the crowds, sit and breathe for a bit with tea and snacks (they even have finger sandwiches and ice cream) before hitting the road. 

More importantly, you don't necessarily need to shop in Holt's (although it's fantastic browsing, I gotta tell you) to swing by Ladurée. Now that they have to-go coffee cups (designed by Ladurée, bien sûr) you can grab your latte and macarons - to go - before heading back to the office. It's a nice (sophisticated) change from the ubiquitous Starbucks runs. You may not go to Ladurée every day, but that's the point. It's special, and it's a treat within Holt's that's an accessible luxury.

Ladurée Vancouver
Holt Renfrew, Pacific Centre
Access via 2nd Floor Skybridge