Any chance I get, I’ll pull out something white from my wardrobe, Labour Day be damned. You’ve seen this now here, here and here

I’m simply obsessed with wearing something white - along with my greys and blacks. There’s a certain crispness and cleanliness to wearing white. Sometimes it will be an off-white day, or a bluish-white day or even grey-white. This penchant for white has also extended into my preferences for home decor. Although I haven’t achieved it yet as I’m currently still saving up for my dream home, I fantasize about an all white kitchen, all white bathroom and the overall palette of the home to be white; even down to the white shingles I’d envision for the exterior. Side note: Growing up with white walls in my family home I had swore to myself I'd never paint my own house white - ha! So much for that.

Obsessed? Absolutely. And so it comes as no surprise that I would pick a white coat to wear on this day for our editorial shoot. We’re shooting in a quiet neighborhood where the trees are nearly bare and the temperature has definitely started to drop. Winter is here but the snow hadn’t arrived yet. 

I really love these set of pictures that Airisa took. She captured the movement and energy that I wanted, despite winter generally being a season when things lay dormant and time stands still. I wanted to push that concept out of bounds - to keep the mind flowing and moving. 

I paired this outfit with a lovely black top from Zaful, that had a delicate lace trim around the neck that I really liked. I’m always looking for something a bit unique in each piece I wear; whether it’s the lace trim in the top or the 3/4 length sleeves with the button detail on the white Tulle coat I got years ago. It’s these details that make an outfit go from being meh to marvelous.