Image: Nifty for Fifty

Image: Nifty for Fifty

If you're in the Vancouver area this weekend and have a penchant for local designers, make sure you check out the Annual Nifty for Fifty Sale. What started out eight years ago as a glorified fashion garage sale, it is now one of the largest events for independent designers in the city. 

30 local designers and artists will showcase everything from accessories to clothing, with nothing over $50. The annual sale takes place only one day - April 19th - from 11 am to 8 pm at the Heritage Hall, 3102 Main Street in Vancouver. 

Designers include Adhesif Clothing, Allison Wonderland, Elroy Apparel,  Bronsino, KDON,  Bueno Style, WE3 Designs plus others.

It's all about #shoplocal - so grab a friend and head down to pick up some items to freshen your Spring wardrobe. Just remember though - it's CASH ONLY (and $1 admission) - and like any good sale, be there early to get the good stuff. 

I'll race you there!