...um, simply, white.

Yes, the colour is actually called 'Simply White' or OC-117 to you designers out there. Interesting as I learned in grade school that white is not a colour, but according to Wikipedia, it is - it's a colour without colour. Whatever that means.

I have to admit that when this was unveiled at the Benjamin Moore Colour of the Year party this past Thursday in Vancouver, there was a mixed reaction in the room. While we all love white - it's classic, timeless and elegant, after all - we were definitely expecting something with a tad more creativity. While Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2015 - Marsala - garnered a mixed reaction as well it was still at least a colour: distinctive and it made a statement whether you liked it or not. White almost feels like a cop out, like you can't decide. It's too safe, too easy and quite frankly a bit boring for a celebratory unveiling. 

But that's just my opinion. Tell me what you think!