Gratitude Journal – Week 1 – August 11, 2019
Image: Moke Levine

Image: Moke Levine

Lately I’ve been thinking about gratitude.

There have been a number of difficult events that have occurred in my life related to family that have given me pause and reflection. My everyday annoyances and burdens seem quite trivial in comparison to many of the things happening around me. They also serve as a reminder of how crazy lucky I am to be living the life I do. To have someone love me as much as he does, to have beautiful, healthy children to nurture and love, and to have such abundance in my life – it’s almost embarrassing to think about. But I if don’t think about it, I’ll never feel the gratitude that I should have – and thus will take things for granted.

How does one have gratitude or show gratitude? So, I did as one often does – I went over to Pinterest for inspiration. I came across a 52-week gratitude challenge that helps you reflect and journal all aspects of your life. I never really journaled much in my life; even in high school it was rare, and it was nonexistent once I became an adult. But this gratitude challenge is a weekly reminder of all the great things around me, even when things are tough – to see the good forest through the bad trees, sotospeak.

And so I have decided, given I am currently vacationing in wine country in British Columbia, that today is a good a time as any to kick start this weekly challenge. Today answers the why behind this exercise. And perhaps it will help me unlock greater inspiration to living my best life.

Have any of you started a gratitude journal? What has been your experience? Leave me a note below, email me at or feel free to DM me on Instagram or Twitter.