Exploring Quebec City and Charlevoix Region with Chevrolet

There are few times in your life when opportunities come your way and you answer with a resounding, YES! I recently was presented with such an opportunity - to explore Quebec City and the Charlevoix Region in Quebec with a brand new SUV - the Chevy Blazer - that’s being rolled out across Canada.

I’ve always wanted to explore Quebec and I remember studying the Charlevoix region in school and so I was super keen! On top of that, I absolutely LOVE driving so getting the chance to experience the new 2019 Chevy Blazer while exploring Quebec was the perfect combination.

Someone was actually getting married that day - can you spot the bride? What an incredible place to tie the knot!

Someone was actually getting married that day - can you spot the bride? What an incredible place to tie the knot!


The first day was spent in Quebec City, a place I had heard much about but again, never been. After a night at the Auberge Saint-Antoine, a beautiful boutique hotel in the center of the city, we kicked off a day of exploration. Quebec City fulfilled all my expectations - a historic town located along the St. Lawrence River with numerous buildings that have existed since the 1700s. That’s one of the things I learned while on this trip - how old this region really is. Walking through the town, you quickly realize that Canada started its roots very early.


Our walking tour guide, David Mendel, has written several books extensively on the area and offered his deep knowledge about Quebec City as we meandered in and out of the town’s picturesque streets.

We then proceeded with our drive in the Blazer, each with our buddy (mine was Edmonton blogger Deanne Ferguson @deanneferguson) toward the Charlevoix Region. In only 1.5 hours, you’ll find yourself in the middle of rolling hills and a beautiful pastoral setting. 


And what a drive it was. The Chevy Blazer is a complete overhaul from its previous design. Aesthetically, it’s got a fairly modern body and an aggressive front grill. Inside, it’s got plenty of cargo space, and easily could take mine and Deanne’s luggage and other belongings. This vehicle could comfortably hold a family of 4. The interior seating area is generous, especially its vertical clearance. When you have a boyfriend who is 6 foot 4, you notice these things. 


Now let’s get into the exciting stuff - the tech. First and foremost, this is the most kitted out mid-market SUV I’ve ever seen. It has its own wifi network, so all you have to do is find the name of the network for the car and connect directly. We had no troubles doing that. I can’t tell you how helpful this would be if you just wanted to go hang out by the beach and connect to your Blazer’s hotspot and do some work. 

Then there’s the charging pad. Yes, it charges iPhones while you’re driving, without a cord! You know how many times I’ve forgotten my cord?! 


And it’s got a ton of safety features, including a vibrating driver’s seat that warns you to pay attention or that danger is imminent. I put it to the test and believe me, it works!! 

If you’re able to get a sunroof, go for it!! Chevrolet has installed panoramic sunroofs for the Blazer and its marvellous, especially on the open road. 

We spent the second evening at the luxurious Hôtel & Spa Le Germain Charlevoix in the charming town of Baie-Saint-Paul. That evening, we got to meet the Chevrolet team and learn more about the specs and features of the Blazer.


The next day, we got to take part in two main activities: paper making and cheese tasting. I’m a very tactile person, and still love the romanticism of hard copy books and paper products. So the idea of going to a papeterie was - believe it or not - exciting for me! We visited Papeterie Saint-Gilles, a boutique paper house that makes cotton-based paper (not pulp from trees) by hand. In fact, the 2018 G7-Summit took place in the Charlevoix region and its manifesto was printed - and signed by all G7 leaders - on paper made by Papeterie Saint-Gilles. Neat, eh?


From there, we went to the cheese farm of Famille Migneron, an award-winning cheese farm to try out different cheeses as well as enjoy a multi-course lunch at the highly touted bistro, Les Faux Bergers. Let’s start with the cheese! Whether you were tasting cow or sheep or goat, it was all phenomenal, and fairly affordable given the quality of cheese and that they make them on site and in small batches. I love how passionate these artisan producers are when you engage with them. They live and breathe what they make, and you can tell in their excitement about even the smallest detail. We even got an opportunity to visit with the sheep herd to get a better connection to the animals that provided us with such delicious products.

IMG_2919 2.jpg

So although it was a short visit to Quebec City, we had so many activities to keep us busy! The two days gave us a taste of cultural experiences in Quebec; in particular the Charlevoix region. And thanks to the Chevrolet team, the Chevy Blazer made getting around the various towns, countryside and cities all that more fun.


Disclosure: Airfare, accommodations and activities provided by Chevrolet Canada. Thoughts are my own.