White Hot
Diner en Blanc 2018 (8 of 28).jpg

Recently there’s been a lot of colourful debate around Dîner en Blanc in Vancouver (see what I did there?). Regardless of which side you sit on the fence, there’s no denying the beauty and appeal of an all-white outfit. Think members of the navy in their all-white uniforms (à la Tom Cruise in Top Gun) or tennis outfits at Wimbledon. And the old, tired rules of no white after Labour Day (yes, that’s coming up)? Who has time for that? Wear it anytime you damn well please. It’s white hot.

Thanks to the Ever New team who was an amazing host at this year's Dîner en Blanc - thank you for an unforgettable evening and for outfitting me in this gorgeous dress.

Dress and shoes: Ever New
Photo Credits: Title photo (close up) by Keith Fischer, all other photos by Britney Gill