Finally, My Reading Corner is Here

There's nothing more exciting than anticipating the arrival of new furniture for your house.

Recall that I was searching for some furniture to sit within a space I was carving out for myself. Well I found everything I was looking for at Structube in South Granville and now I just had to wait for the arrival of all the pieces I purchased. 

Well the day finally came and I could barely hold my excitement. I have been yearning for a space - a corner of solace - to call my own and everything was coming into fruition. You couldn't ask for a better delivery team. They were courteous and flexible in working on a delivery time that suited my schedule. Given how busy my life is, this type of flexibility is so appreciated. 

When the delivery team arrived, they offered to remove their shoes but since I had hardwood floors it would be easy enough to wipe off any dirt. Furthermore, it would have been so cumbersome to remove shoes after moving the pieces of furniture out of the truck to step into the house, only to put them back on to go outside. Nonetheless, I appreciated their courtesy.

The team was efficient and took great care to make sure I was completely satisfied. Good customer service experience is so crucial in these days of social media, where every flub can be caught up camera and tweeted out to the world to see (I'm looking at you, United!). That, paired with a good selection of well-styled furniture at affordable prices, is a perfect combination.

I decided on the Laurens wingback armchair - a modern take on the French classic. I loved the scale and width - I wanted it large enough so that I could curl up in it if I wanted to. This chair was my anchoring piece, and in a dove grey, fit perfectly in my palette of greys, charcoals and silvers. I also selected the Teddy ottoman in a charcoal so as to not look too "matchy" with the chair. For lighting - as that's an important element for a reading corner - I went with a modern but elegant Alexa floor lamp. It's a subtle addition to the space, hidden in the corner nook created by the chair's final resting spot on an angle. The Orion floor length mirror added some dimension and drama to the space brightening up the corner and it was balanced by the small silver Rosa accent table. The look overall is decidedly modern French but with a restful vibe. I finished the look with a faux fur Aries accent throw

Although my little reading space is small, it's all mine and I'd love to hear your thoughts on how the pieces fit together!