Fashionably Hydrated

As you know, I’m halfway through my 30-day health challenge and staying hydrated is always top of mind, whether you’re on or off the exercise mat. On the market today, there are so many reusable bottles - ones with beautiful designs in many different shapes and sizes. But what if the bottle itself was more than just a conventional vessel? What if this bottle could make the water even healthier for you?

I recently discovered a local company, Copper H20, that sells copper water bottles. To be honest, I was first drawn to it for the aesthetics - this beautifully designed hammered copper vessel could certainly find its way into my gym bag. But what I eventually learned were the health benefits of drinking water that’s stored in a copper vessel. Copper contains a number of health properties - prime of which turns water stored inside it to become naturally alkaline, which helps balance your body’s pH levels.

Why is this important? When your blood stream becomes too acidic, it will steal calcium (which is a more alkaline substance) from your bones to balance out the body’s pH. The result of which can lead to osteoporosis. 

Besides balancing your pH levels, copper is also antibacterial which improves immunity, prevents aging and eliminates toxins and free radicals. And because copper is naturally antibacterial, these bottles are naturally self-sterilizing and don’t require as much cleaning as other water bottles.

The bottles are handcrafted in India (the company’s founders first discovered these bottles during their travels in that country) by skilled artisans who craft each bottle out of a single sheet of pure copper and topped with a leak-proof cap with a food-safe seal. They’re made using traditional techniques and are made to last a lifetime.

You can go to their website to check it out. The bottles come in two sizes: 600 mL bottle for US$34.50 or 800 mL for US$42.50.