Photo: Tracey Ayton

Photo: Tracey Ayton

As many of you know, I’m co-owner of a company in Vancouver called Joue Design - a boutique textile design company. We offer fabrics by the yard for many applications, like throw pillows, bedsheets, curtains, or even reupholstery. These fabrics are based off our original watercolor artwork painted right here in our Vancouver studios.

On September 19th, we’ll be launching a new capsule collection with Sydney Socias, a prominent Vancouver influencer who writes the popular blog, The Working Girl. My business partner, Alison, and I have been working with Sydney on this project for a number of months and it has been an amazing experience. The result of which will be revealed and made available to order this coming Monday! We’re so proud of this capsule collection - it really speaks to the marriage of original artwork combined with a subtle, elegant aesthetic and love for accessories that Sydney is known for.

We can’t wait to show you! Pencil the date of September 19th in your calendars and head over to that day to check out the new collection and get your orders in!