Or more like 40ish. 42 to be precise.

Yes, I’m talking about my age. Why? Because too often people think of Instagram and blogging as something that people in their teens, 20s and maybe 30s take part in. But I want to dispel that myth. 

I started The Vancouverite just over two years ago after a girlfriend told me I should start writing about my experiences following my yearly trips to Paris Fashion Week. “You should write about it from a Vancouverite’s perspective. You have access that most people across the globe don’t - and you should really document it.” As a communications executive in my day job, I do have to write for a living. So you can imagine why this just didn’t interest me at all, initially. I eventually gave in and started writing about the shows I’d attended and realized how enjoyable it was. What I also noticed was the catharsis that writing allows - particularly if it’s about a topic that you’re passionate about.

I decided to branch out beyond fashion as I have numerous other interests including food, wine and travel. The result was The Vancouverite - which covers many aspects of lifestyle topics.

I think being in your 40s, you bring a certain level of awareness and experience - not just in writing and perspective, but also in business dealings. Let’s face it - being a content creator/blogger/influencer also means pounding the pavement and building relationships that (hopefully) lead to partnerships that make it worthwhile. Being in corporate communications working for one of the largest software companies on the planet allows me to travel and see the world while also learning how to do business with many different types of people. Bringing that into the social media world, especially in negotiations and working with potential partners is immensely helpful. 

Don’t get me wrong - I love the many bloggers and influencers I’ve met in the last couple of years. There are some in their 20s who are wise beyond their years and have a good head on their shoulders. Pragmatism and focus goes a long way. They have an energy and individualism that I get so inspired by each time I browse their blog or spend time on their Instagram feed. 

Let’s face it - there are SO many bloggers out there, it’s tough to know who to follow or who to engage. Who to really trust and have a conversation with that’s deeper than “Who does your hair?” I naturally gravitate to people who have a good sense of self and don’t take life - and this includes themselves - too seriously. 

I mean, honestly, how can I? I have two boys. They’re not babies - they’re 10 and 13, so you won’t see cute and beautifully curated baby photos with perfect baby blankets lacking any spit-up or poop. My perspective is not about achieving the perfect shot. Real life is not that way - and even though it’s nice to aspire to that aesthetic and goodness knows I’ve tried - I honestly couldn’t be bothered. One, because it’s not reality and two, isn’t it much easier to relate to someone who is going through some days that are kinda shitty and knowing that no - my life is far from perfect?

I’ve received lots of positive feedback on my posts - both on Instagram and on my blog. They like the aesthetic and approach - so I hope to keep doing what I’m doing. It may not appeal to everyone, but I’m okay with that. Another beautiful thing about being in my 40s. I don’t believe life ends at 40 (I used to when I was a kid but now that I’m here, it’s amazing). I just have to look at Cameron Diaz, Rachel Weisz, Sofia Vergara, Gwyneth Paltrow, Heidi Klum, Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Garner… the list goes on. They’re in their 40s and fucking fabulous.

So life is… beautiful. That I can attest to. And you can show beauty (and a balance of real life) in a less perfectly curated way as a fresher approach to life.