Pillows by   Joue Design

Pillows by Joue Design

Ugh, I’m doing the thing that I never thought I’d have to do again for a while - so soon.

I’m moving. In two weeks. We just signed the lease today. Yikes!!!

Don’t worry, I’m staying in Vancouver, but I’ll be moving out of my dreamy apartment in Kitsilano into a house a few minutes away, in the nearby area of Arbutus Ridge. It’s a good move for us - for me, my boyfriend and my two boys. We definitely need the space as my boys are only getting bigger and an 1,100 square foot apartment in Kits just doesn’t cut it. 

I know it’ll get really busy with all the purging and packing - that part I expect. What I didn’t expect (or maybe was trying to ignore) was my emotional attachment to my apartment. It’s been my own space for the last five and a half years since my ex and I broke up. The first place that was truly mine, that I purchased all by myself in a crazy market (yes, even five years ago). I’ve lived through so much in this space - tears and laughter - and furnishing and decorating it the way I desired. Its soaring lofty ceilings and silver sage tone palette, the large floor to ceiling windows that flood the space with natural light, are all things that I will desperately miss.

My boyfriend says that I’m not losing my apartment, just moving into something else for a while. I’m not selling it, it’s still mine, but someone else will be living in there and not me. Yes, I’ll be renting it out (if you’re looking for a 2 bedroom and den corner unit condo in Kits, DM or email me. I’ll be posting pictures online in the next few weeks, with occupancy likely to be October 1st). Hopefully I’ll be able to find someone who loves it and will care for it as much as I do.

For the last five years, I’ve called Kitsilano home. And while I’ll be right next to it living in Arbutus Ridge, there will always be a little something missing in my heart.