Yes, my first fig from my own fig tree!

Yes, my first fig from my own fig tree!

My friends know that I have a very black thumb. On top of that, my balcony is east-facing and so I only get 6 hours of direct sun per day. That makes for a very difficult environment to grow anything edible beyond herbs. 

Until now.

Last summer, I bought a fig tree. My boyfriend sort of laughed at me, shaking his head and assuming that it was just another slow death that he'd witness (all those times before). Little did I (or he) know that fig trees can be pretty hardy and don't necessarily require - nor want - that much direct sun. Especially if you're growing it in a planter, which I've learned it means you need to water it more often.

This summer, the tree is filled with fruit. There are over two dozen figs growing on my tree and just the other day I harvested one of them. They're ready to harvest once they become heavy and droopy. It tasted amazing! There's nothing like growing your own food. Especially when the color of your thumb is black.

Vive la figue!!!!