It's June 1st, which means summer is almost officially around the corner. It also means that my favourite flower can be found in the buckets of floral shops all over the city. I've always loved the peony for its complexity. As a bulb, you could never envision dozens and dozens of layers of petals - all tightly wound up and ready to spring. Once it does open, it's literally the 'pretty' version of peeling back an onion; it literally grows three times its size and explodes into a ball of a thousand layers resembling pale crepe but dosed with the most delicate scent. And with a growing season that only lasts a couple of months, all those who embrace the flower like I do go absolutely nuts for it. And why wouldn't you? The palest of pinks with voluminous layers of beauty - I think if I were to describe myself and my personality that the peony would be it! :)

Happy June!