I’m so excited to present the first installment of my collaboration with Chanel for its Paris in Rome collection that's launching in Chanel boutiques in early to middle of June. This collaboration presents a series of beautiful, vivid images taken just north of Vancouver in Capilano Canyon - my favourite place to hike. I feel incredibly blessed being able to partner with one of the most respected luxury brands on the planet while also incorporating current pieces from my favourite Vancouver independent retailers. 

This white Gentle Fawn dress from Gastown’s LYNNSteven boutique is feminine and comfortable, with delicate detail along the arms that run up to perfectly piqued shoulder points that frame the body so nicely. It serves as the ideal canvas for this stunning gold and green, triple strand, pearl Chanel necklace. 

Continuing on themes of green hues blending perfectly with the environment is the Chanel calfskin drawstring bag in dark khaki with pale yellow metallic detail. I can’t begin to describe how soft and supple the leather is. Finally, rounding out this look are a pair of Butterfly tortoise shell sunglasses from Chanel that have whimsical butterfly detail and a great way to protect those peepers.

I feel so at home in Cap Canyon. it was a beautiful, brisk day; the sun was out but the forest shielded me from that - while guiding and comforting my soul with its diffused light. You quickly forget about the hum of the city. Here, you are in another world - brought back to the most basic elements where you can breathe, be free, and play with your environment without a care in the world. This is my happy place.


Gentle Fawn Dress available at LYNNSteven

Necklace, Sunglasses, Handbag from the Paris in Rome collection available at CHANEL boutiques across Canada in mid-June.

Hat, my own.