Photo: The Vancouverite

Photo: The Vancouverite

Valentine's Day is coming up. What, with all the numerous blog posts of "favourite this" and "favourite that." Or what about the television ads featuring engagement rings that outrun all other commercials in the past couple of weeks?? It's almost borderline obnoxious. 

Don't get me wrong - I'm not a hater, and I'm not gonna tell you that we should be paying this much attention to our loved ones every day. But in an era of conspicuous consumption - myself included of course - I'm just exhausted. I really don't need anything more - and yes, my boyfriend is probably reading this. If I want chocolate I'll just go buy some. I know my favourite shop. If I wanted flowers, I know where to get that too.  I don't need things. In fact, these days I'm trying to get rid of things - as I live in a small apartment. 

No, not things. I actually want more time. Time to cuddle my kids, time to kiss my boyfriend, time to snuggle on the couch for movie nights. I want time to spend with friends; particularly ones who I keep saying "yeah, we should definitely get together..." More time to travel, see the world and meet new people. More time to play board games; do you KNOW how LONG it takes to properly play Monopoly?!? Who does that anymore?  More time to cook, because slow cooking is such a joy and a luxury. More time to clean, because I live with two pre-teen boys and my apartment is never the way I want it to be. More time to laugh, because it feels so good. More time to think and plan, because we all have goals and it's important to write them down and know how to get there. More time to teach, because you always wished that someone had told you something before you went ahead to do it. More time to read, because with devices we only scan and don't actually absorb the words in front of us. Finally, more time to sleep, because we all could use some.

Time is the ultimate gift, it's the ultimate luxury that is depleting every day. The more time goes by, the more time runs out - the more precious it becomes.

This Valentine's Day, what will you do with your time?