2016 has been a tremendous year of change; and with change comes adaptability. I've spent the last 12 months refocusing on things that provide fulfillment in my life; whether they be personal or professional in nature. These decisions aren't made on a whim. Most important ones in your life aren't. They're made following a significant amount of time and introspection. 

At times this past year I felt frustrated with some areas of my life. I felt restless and stuck, stressed and overworked. I didn't feel like I was getting any satisfaction or personal fulfillment with some of the things I was doing. Over months I spent time assessing what went wrong, why I was feeling this way. I finally realized that I needed to do less. Not only do less, but do more of the things that mattered. Now as a Type A business person with two kids ‘doing less’ would seem like a pipe dream! 

What that meant though was actually decluttering my life. Looking at every single thing that was consuming my time and begin prioritizing - keep doing it (but looking at ways to make it better) or stop doing it. This process reached every part of my life including the people who I choose to spend time with. This is similar to clearing out your friends list on Facebook (i.e., unfriending people with whom you don’t really have a relationship with today nor would you ever tomorrow. Sometimes that could mean paring down to only a few people, and that’s okay. It means spending more time with those you actually care about. How great is that? 

And as for this blog, I love writing as I find it very cathartic - especially on topics I care deeply about. You’ll still get the fun categories like fashion, travel, food and wine - but in 2017, you’ll see a much greater emphasis on health and wellness as I continually strive to find work-life balance. As I embark on this journey, I hope you’ll come along with me. I hope you’ll find inspiration in some of my tips and laugh at my mistakes (because I’ll make plenty!). The purpose of my blog is to inspire others to find their own balance in their lives, whether you’re freshly out of school finding your way or a mom of five making ends meet. While we are all different, one thing we share is a desire to be happy and fulfilled. 

So here’s to 2017, a year where we get much closer to living that desired life!