When it comes to decorating for the holidays, especially for the dining table, it’s so easy to go overboard. There are so many types of holiday decorations available you're often buying on impulse because some of it’s so beautiful or because it’s on sale (or could be both).

Rather than go the route of purchasing the usual Christmas decor, try incorporating natural elements - like twigs, holly, evergreen branches, pinecones and the like. Imagine what you’d find when you go on a hike (or better yet - just go) and you’d stumble upon the most beautiful decor that nature has to offer. 

This past Monday, renowned Canadian-Chinese newspaper Ming Pao published an interview I did with them on tips and tricks to decorate your home for the holidays. Because the article is written in Chinese, a majority of you won’t be able to read it. So I’ll summarize the article in these three points:

  1. Find your favourite holiday color. If you’re partial to gold, find other colors that complement; but gold will be your primary color. You’ll want your entire home to look seamless and coordinated. Which brings me to point #2.
  2. Be Consistent. Take gold again - if you’ve chosen a color or theme, make sure you stick with it in every room. What you want is consistency while the eye wanders through your home.
  3. Make it Personal. A perfect tree isn’t you, because you’re not perfect. No one is. So don’t only hang up ‘the perfect’ ornaments either. If your son handpainted a wreath back when he was two, showcase it. There’s nothing more disconnected than seeing a picture perfect tree with absolutely no connection to the owner. Trees like that become highly generic - like a tree in any hotel.

You’ll see in my pictures that my table decor is kept extremely simple because I love my modern farmhouse dining table and still want its bones to be visible. You’ll notice on the table how much of the evergreen clippings from real Christmas trees are used. Those clippings are great because the tree farms will give them away for free. They're also clippings I use when I'm creating my natural wreath for my front door. I love bringing in the outdoor elements to live inside. From my twigs and holly branches - which you can find when going on long walks through many of Vancouver's trails, or purchasing at any gardening store or even Safeway - to the evergreen branches that I picked up at the Prince of Wales Tree Lot when we were purchasing our noble fir. You can certainly layer these pieces on the table - making a very nature-inspired table scape that feels authentic and cozy.

How are you decorating your dining space?