Whether I'm spending "me" time basking in the silence of the morning before everyone wakes up or decompressing after a long day of meetings, I usually do so wearing the most comfortable clothing possible. While my daily uniform almost always consists of some variation on a grey sweater over jeans and Converse, my "me time" uniform is about allowing my body to breathe and not feeling constricted. 

My mind needs to stretch, inhale and exhale - as much, if not more than my body does. And it goes hand in hand with the tactile quality of the fabrics I choose to wear. That's why I'm in love with Smash + Tess. Not only are their designs beautiful, as you've no doubt noticed as I'm obsessed with their robes, they're incredibly comfortable.

This holiday season, Vancouver's own Smash + Tess have come up with two super cute nighties and a new robe. I wear my night shirt every night to bed, without fail. These shirts are - hands down - the softest and most comfortable loungewear I own. And the robe is stunning - the gold fabric is so flattering and adds that touch of luxury in the morning with your latte. 

The nighties are available for sale online here: and the best part of these new holiday nighties is that for every nightie purchased, Smash + Tess will be donating $10 to the Downtown Eastside Women's Center this year. The best way to give a gift is to pay it forward. 

Happy Shopping!!