So this is the third installment of my three-part series of a recent getaway to Whistler. And if you’re like me - with no time to fit in a million things during a short visit and prefer to just chillax (yes, you and I can be friends), then Scandinave Spa is THE destination to do that. It’s a perfect place to go after a long hike or big ski day. Or after doing nothing - like I said, the perfect place to chillax. 

Silence, Please

Say what? Oh, say nothing? I never imagined I could be silent for 10 minutes let alone for an entire afternoon. But that’s the rule at this Nordic-inspired oasis of calm; not only do they have signs everywhere enforcing this rule but the staff also make sure you stick to it. After all, it’s meant to be peaceful so while you’re soaking in the views and natural splendor of spruce and cedar scents you can begin to quiet your mind. 

The Deets

So for those who are curious and have never been, Scandinave does two things - massages and baths/spa. If you book a massage, your bath experience is also included ($60 value). You can choose among a number of massages from deep tissue and Swedish to Thai and Prenatal massages. And of course for those who have extended health plans, they also offer RMT (registered massage therapy) massages as well. 

You can also simply spend a whole afternoon immersing yourself in their hydrotherapy experience with their Scandinavian baths. This involves a three-step process of 1) warming the body through various options available (Eucalyptus steam room, wood burning Finnish sauna, various hot baths, and a thermal waterfall); 2) experience a refreshing rinse in cold water to close the pores and help reduce inflammation and stimulate circulation which boosts the immune system through Nordic waterfalls, cold baths and cold showers; and 3) relaxing for 15 minutes in solariums, hammocks, terraces, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, decks and trellis.

Initially, the thought of having to plunge into ice cold water after melting in a hot tub or steam room absolutely frightened me - and yes, the first time you do it really sucks - you do get used to it. There's nothing like being able to dry yourself after the cold rinse - a super refreshing way to wake up - and just sit and breathe. And let your body recover - just to do it all over again. And again. And again.

By the time you’re done - I usually complete about six cycles of this process - your body and mind will feel like butter, and you’ll look forward to your next visit. I know I am!!


Scandinave Spa Whistler
8010 Mons Road, Whistler, BC