I've decided to include a new category entitled "Parenting" in my blog. Let's face it - these days, parents are trying to do it all - even when they don't realize it. If you live in Vancouver, chances are, you need dual income, especially when you have little humans to feed. Tack on a desire to live - or at least many of us try to attain - a certain lifestyle; so you definitely need both adults to work.

In a city where there are endless options of eating out, cool little indie shops to browse and entrepreneurs popping up like Starbucks (ahem, yours truly included in that mix), having kids doesn't mean you change your behaviour - you bring 'em along!

My partner-in-crime, Alison Kent - does it all. She owns her own design firm and also carries on with her own design blog, co-owns Joue Design with me, homeschools her two boys WHILE also is an amazing home cook. She is now heading back to school - cooking school! And what a way to influence her chef-in-training son, the Junior Food Dude; or maybe it was the other way around!

Parenting in this millennium is like no other. With technology - and a keen mind to boot - you can juggle and do anything you want. No matter what age or how old your kids are. And for our kids to see us being invested in a variety of things can only broaden and expand their own minds and interests. As kids learn by example, it's important we continue to cultivate this.

Just remember: Instagram is not reality. Particularly family Instagrams. It's a bunch (ok, hundreds of millions) of pretty pictures meant to show a desire, a fantasy - and an appreciation for people, places and things whether those are our goals or not. Reality is dirtier, smellier, grittier and not always picture perfect. But that's why we have blogs: this is where we can write up all the shit that we can't shoot on Instagram.