What I love about Vancouver is the somewhat more underground movement of emerging designers and artists showcasing their work, coming from all corners of the globe but of course primarily from within the Vancouver area. Thursday night was the opening reception for new work by Jonathan Hodges, recent grad of Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver. 'Lest We Never Forget: Iconoclastic Inclinations', is a series of large-scale print works that attempt to subvert the American Dream through subtle subversions of its iconography. Images from American pop culture are regurgitated in a highly abstract form that begin to blur the lines, call into question and dismantle the idea of the American dream. This series is compelling as it is timely, leading up to the 2016 US presidential election coupled with the escalation of global violence. 

Hodges' work is centered on the exploration and intersection of politics and popular culture in the 21st century using collage and formal abstraction of photography. Having been raised in the Christian church, Hodges pulls in images of Christianity and pop culture to bring out more contemporary visual interpretations. 

His signature use of enlarged halftone dots form his primary method of abstraction and marries well with what are seen as 'flaws' of the silkscreen process. This perceived 'deteriorating' image is symbolic of the breakdown of the his cultural reveal.

The Beaumont Studios, 316 West 5th Avenue, Vancouver, BC