How to Help with the Refugee Crisis in Europe

Watching and reading all the stories on the migrant crisis in Europe, I have been feeling a number of emotions that have been difficult to articulate until now. Some of you may share in these emotions, some may disagree. Nonetheless it's important to get off my chest. 

I am so upset with how messy our world is today. I have two young children and don't even know how to explain to them how we got here. I feel helpless being half a world away from this chaos and watching it unfold at home comfortably with my children while millions of others suffer. Every problem I have is a first world problem. There is no comparison - you just can't go there. The picture of the child lying on the beach will haunt me forever, and although media outlets are justifying such photographs to horrified readers, we have to see it because we can't pretend it's not happening. I can't even comprehend what that little boy's father is going through. He's lost his whole world. Why would he want to come to Canada now? What is the point? And I am ashamed at my own government for now offering him citizenship following the controversy, after turning them down back in June despite their relatives here in British Columbia sponsoring them. Canadians have always been proud of our record with refugees and yet here is an example of where our system has failed. 

I look at my own children and just can't fathom having to reach that level of desperation. It's just not fair for any human being to experience what these people are risking, just to reach safety. And to the people all over the world who are complaining and 'disgusted' by the presence of these people in their countries? You disgust me. For just one moment, try - just try - and picture yourself in their shoes. Regardless of the 1% or the 1% of the 1%, all of us who live in a stable country, roof over our heads, a job and a healthy family - we are wealthy. These folks can only dream of achieving half of what we complain about on a daily basis. 

I've also felt lost - because up to this point I don't know what to do to help. I want to help, desperately. I keep reading how people need to pray. Well, I'm done praying - they don't need our prayers they need action. We have to DO SOMETHING. Thanks to Charlotte, I watched this video on the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), a group of humanitarians, security professionals, medical staff and experienced maritime operators who are passionate about the plight of migrants and the dangers they face trying to find a life free of violence. They have rescued thousands of people in the span of three months. You can read more about them on Wikipedia: and donate to them on their website: Below is a video with some info about them. Other ways to help: the UN Refugee Agency:…, Migration Aid (helping the folks in Hungary):, and World Vision:…/bordercrossing.aspx…

Let's do something today. Let's help another human being.