In my numerous trips to Hawaii, I can confidently state that Kauai is my favourite island to visit, year after year. Rustic and quiet, lush and tropical, it's a rainforest where you can truly get lost in its moist and velvety environment. While that description sounds more like a sentence out of an erotic novel, it's an apt description. For those looking for more of a nightlife, Kauai is not it. Most bars and restaurants close after 9 pm and dinner is usually done by 7:30. Life moves extra slow here - and I wouldn't have it any other way. If I wanted Vegas on the beach, I'd head to Waikiki. If I wanted a more civilized approach to the Hawaiian experience, I'd head to Maui. But no, my happiness is in finding my own path on an island that simply exists in its own majestic beauty and quiet. The oldest of all the Hawaiian islands, Kauai also boasts the most rainiest spot on Earth - which also means that it gets more rain than all the other islands; and as a Vancouverite, that suits me just fine. Rain here lasts no longer than 30 mins and then the musky scents fill the air as the rainforest takes a breath after the rain stops.

While I can fill a book with the number of pictures I've taken in Kauai, I've narrowed it down to a few of my favourites here!