by Cindy Yu

Shop My Closet

Hello - and welcome to my shop!

Over the years I’ve often had friends mention that I should start selling my designer stuff. There’s been a lot of interest and I’ll often laugh when people say, “let me know when you want me to take that off your hands!”

Well, I’m finally doing it!! Here you’ll find my designer handbags and eventually I will add shoes and accessories as well. My boyfriend will be so happy - trust me! Just the ability to get some breathing room into my closet will be a much welcomed gift to him! Well, and me!

My pieces were all purchased from reputable stores that sell only authentic items (Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom’s, Sak’s, Barney’s, Holt’s, etc) or the designers’ own stores. 

The price points are very competitive and depend on the designer, material, style, size, and of course, condition. And as I have a largely international audience, prices are stated in US Dollars.

I’m just starting small today - but will continue to slowly add other pieces from my closet over time.

Happy Shopping!!


Louis Vuitton Cashmere Monogram Beanie Louis Vuitton Cashmere Hat (2 of 4).jpg

Louis Vuitton Cashmere Monogram Beanie

Chanel Rimless CC Sunglasses Chanel Sunnies Pink Ombre (3 of 3).jpg

Chanel Rimless CC Sunglasses

Chanel CC Quilted Square Sunglasses Chanel Sunnies Beige Arms (1 of 4).jpg

Chanel CC Quilted Square Sunglasses