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Who is The Vancouverite?

Thank you so much for stopping by The Vancouverite. I'm very excited to share what inspires me day to day. Here's a bit about my journey and what The Vancouverite means to me...

I started The Vancouverite in 2014 originally as a creative platform to escape the stress of daily life. Writing is so cathartic! Since then, the site has evolved to become much more than that, covering a number of lifestyle topics from fashion and design to food and travel - things that reflect my busy calendar. I am no expert in any of them, but I've had lots of exposure to form an opinion while still always learning.

Often I think I've bitten off more than I can chew - hence the need to escape. I'm a software PR exec by day, watercolor artist, textile designer, and vintage goods merchant by night. Above all, I'm mom to two beautiful boys who hate shopping with me but will give up iPad time to cuddle. 

My personal style is pretty eclectic and generally a reflection of my mood. I don't have a particular approach to my blog other than trusting my intuition and looking at what I have planned for the week. While I love beautiful things, I love amazing experiences even more. I'm particularly interested in things that carry a story, so vintage pieces are things I gravitate to.

Lastly, I'm based in Vancouver, Canada, but I travel frequently as it's a big part of who I am. For a time, I was nearly bi-coastal as my boyfriend was living in Paris for five years and so it became my second home. That part definitely helped each year when I cover the shows in person at Paris Fashion Week. He has since moved from Paris to live in Vancouver but you'll still find me at PFW - that part will never change. You'll also find that my travels take me all over North America, Europe and Asia; so when I can, I'll blog from those spots.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and if you ever want to just chat, email me at

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